The Banhoek Chili Oil Company supports Barnardo’s

During the month of May, we had an amazing opportunity to work with Barnardo’s, one of the oldest orphanage centres in the United Kingdom. The UK Banhoek Chili Oil team had the opportunity to perch a stall during the Barnardo’s charity event, where we provided all of the guests a delicious snack to nibble on while they listened to the speakers of the event.

Barnardo’s started back in 1867 when Thomas Barnardo, the original owner, built a “ragged school” to help keep children off the street. The company mission is to help disadvantaged children, as well as their parents and other young people improve their lives through different programmes. The programmes provide assistance and support with issues such as, but are not limited to sexual abuse, mental health problems and violence issues.

Barnardo’s is special because they do not discriminate against gender, race or sex when it comes to helping others. Lastly, the company has done a great job keeping with the curve throughout times. They used to solely focus on helping children in the past, but now they are helping their parents as well. In addition, Bardnardo’s spend some of their budget on research to better understand people which is then published as a public resource for all to benefit from.

Barnardo’s believe in three core values. These values focus on mental health and well-being, child sexual abuse and child care. They help with emotional and social skills of primary school children, giving a safe space for anyone to talk about their trauma without fear of judgement. They also help anyone who comes to the centre recover from neglect, trauma and/or sexual abuse. The company has programmes such as “Joined-Up” which helps anyone with harmful behaviour and thoughts figure out the reason behind those behavioural patterns and find solutions to improve them. Plus, they provide therapeutic, emotional and practical support to children, parents and anyone who seeks it out.

This year alone, the company has helped more than 300K children, young people and parents find a better path in life. With each donation towards their campaign, they have an opportunity to better the organisation by working with anyone who seeks help. Along with your donations, the organisation receive grants and they have a shop where they sell donated items.

There are a lot of different ways that you can help this organisation continue to make a difference in their community. This includes volunteering, helping them raise money, donating clothing items to their shops and, of course, by adopting a child that is in desperate need of a home. Although the organisation tries to keep children with their birth parents, at times some of these children need a home where they can grow up in a safe environment filled with love, and you can be that home!

The Banhoek Chili Oil team was delighted to provide aid to the charity event. It was a beautiful day and we are happy to note that the wonderful guests enjoyed hearing more about the great work that the Barnardo’s organisation has done. Here, at Banhoek, we believe that good food and a great cause is the best way to bring people together.