Spicy Oysters with Grapefruit

Spicy Oysters with Grapefruit and Banhoek Chilli Oil Recipe.

Are you looking for a deliciously spicy oyster recipe? Look no further!

In this recipe we will prepare oysters, grapefruit and Banhoek Chilli Oil for a burst of flavour! Read more to find out how to get this recipe just right.

This recipe serves 4 



Add 12 Oysters,

1 finely chopped shallot,

1 spring onion thinly sliced,

1 grapefruit segmented, and the leftovers squeezed out,

3 table spoons fresh coriander,

3 table spoons Ponzu,

6 table spoon Banhoek Chilli Oil ,

and finally a pinch of sea salt. 


Shuck and loosen the oysters in their shells, rinse quickly if you are concerned about bits of shell on the oysters. Continue to cut the grapefruit segments into quarters and mix with all the other ingredients. 

Dish generously onto the oysters and enjoy. 

The dressing has great balance in acidity, fruitiness and the perfect Banhoek Chilli Oil bite. 


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