A Day of Banhoek Chili Oil: Three Recipes That Will Tickle Your Tastebuds

Have you ever cooked up what seemed like a “to die for” meal at first glance only to find that something’s missing in the taste. Getting the right balance of flavour isn’t always easy. If you enjoy having wholesome food that packs a bit of a punch, this article is for you. Chili oil is a versatile condiment that can be used to add some flair to your food. We share our favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to show you just how much you can do with this kitchen essential.

There’s More To Spicy Food Than That Delectable Kick Of Taste

Chili oil is one of those pantry essentials that you can never go wrong with. All you need to do is get creative, and you’ll be having flavourful meal after flavourful meal. Aside from being on the less boring side of life, chili also comes with a number of benefits for people who eat it, such as:

  • Keeping blood pressure at lower levels.
  • Providing “happy-hormone” boost, which can minimise stress symptoms.
  • Promoting weight loss by adding flavour to bland diet food
  • Improving metabolism rates.


No matter the time of day, you can include anything from a hint to a considerable amount of chili oil for adventurous flavour. Try one of the following recipes to explore the opportunities.

sausage dinner

Spicy Scrambled Eggs For Breakfast

Most people enjoy a classic scrambled egg, but it doesn’t have to be boring and bland. This recipe takes the heat up a notch for a great start to the day. The combination of fluffy eggs with fried, fresh chilies – all topped off with a drip of chili oil makes for a lively morning meal. You can choose to pair it with toasted bread or even avocado.

sausage dinner

Simple Lunch Noodle Recipe With A Fiery Taste & Fragrance

It’s easy to get caught up in the repetitiveness off lunch hour meals, but you can use chili oil to turn the mundane into the scrumptious. In this quick recipe, ramen noodles come together with sesame oil, soy sauce, spring onions, chili flakes and salt to create a satisfying, savoury meal that you’ll want to pack in your lunch box again and again.

Single-Pan Roasted Boerewors Or Sausage & Seasonal Vegetables

Most people are too busy to spend hours toiling at a stove after work. You’ll be glad to know that this one-pan recipe has everything you want in terms of flavours, textures and nutrients. All you have to do is chop us some sausage and seasonal vegetables, season them with salt, herbs and olive oil. Pop the mixture onto a pan and drizzle as much chili oil as you prefer once it’s done.

See? There’s a lot you can do with Banhoek Chili Oil. You might just be tempted to keep some in your bag, no matter where you go.

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