Nine Uses For Banhoek Chili Oil

Nine uses for Chili Oil.

Chili Oil is a master of versatility in any kitchen! But, if you want to know what our top picks are for Banhoek Chili Oil, we’ve got 9 of them listed down below! Let us know if we’ve missed one of your favourites in the comment section. 🌶

  1. Pair it with sweet potatoes

Whether you enjoy sweet potato fries or an old fashioned baked sweet potato, chili oil really brings out the sweetness of the potato and it is a must for those who enjoy the taste of sweet chili sauce. 

Baked sweet potato with fried egg, bacon and chives.

  1. Drizzle it over tomatoes

You can never go wrong with tossing cherry tomatoes in the pan with a pinch of garlic, salt and sugar. Adding our chili oil will do wonders for this side on a breakfast plate with bacon and eggs.

  1. Pour it on pasta

Whichever pasta dish you enjoy preparing will be elevated by the addition of chili oil. Chicken and pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes is our favourite, but creamy dishes such as alfredo pasta, is just as delicious with a bit of spice added in the mix.

  1. Spoon it over fried eggs

There is nothing like chili in the morning to give you a boost of endorphins to start off your day. Adding chili oil to your eggs is not only delicious, it also gives you the kick that you need to start your day off the right way. 

  1. Toss it with cucumbers

Snacks are a must for any occasion. If you are entertaining guests you need to add cucumber soup to your menu. It’s one of the most refreshing dishes that you will ever taste and it goes down beautifully with an extra bite of our chili oil.

Cold soup with cucumbers, yogurt and fresh herbs on the table

6. Use it like hot sauce

Banhoek Chili Oil goes well with almost every dish – except maybe desserts! You can add it to any meal and use generously like you would with tomato sauce or tabasco.

7. Toss it with quick-blanched veggies

Veggies can sometimes be difficult to get creative with, but simply adding a drizzle of our chili oil while frying in the pan will give a new burst of flavour to old favourites.

8. Add it to salad dressing

We enjoy a good salad, but often we find that there is something missing and it always ends up being the spiciness that we love so much. Banhoek Chili Oil fills that missing gap beautifully and it makes an otherwise healthy bland dish something to look forward to!

9. Use it to marinate everything

We love a good barbecue, which is why we have found that adding our chili oil in our marinade helps to bring out the flavour of meat and chicken! You can’t go wrong with this tip and soon you’ll have everyone asking about your secret ingredient!

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